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sobota, 12 czerwiec 2004
Our range of products is based on balaclavas suitable for many kind of sports, especially skiing, cycling, motorcycling and suprisigly our products recently found huge recognition among construction workers. Many years experience gained thanks to direct contact with customers helps us to create products user friendly and perfectly fulfil customers changing expectations. Our offer is all the time improving that helps us to be always a step ahead of opposition.

Our products are destined to adults as well as to kids.

In connection with company developments, we are now decided to open our offer for european market and currently looking for new clients.We are able to design individual projects.

Considering our offer we strongly advise to remember that material used are on a top level (domestic factories as well as import from Italy and Switzerland).
Last Updated ( czwartek, 06 paĹşdziernik 2016 )
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You can shop by viewing our collection of balaclavas. Our shop offer you easy shopping in only 4 easy steps - choose: product, delivery adress, delivery option and method of payment....